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Apple Airport Card

If you have an older Mac that is Airport ready, but does not have a USB port, there is an answer.

I have trying to get one of these for the longest time, but it seems that everyone and his brother has the same idea. Prices on eBay are too high. If the bidders would wise up, they could drive prices down by not bidding so high..

Below are links and demos on how to make and use one..

build-it-yourself Systems


If you like to keep things clean by knowing that everything is installed inside your older iMac, you don't want to spring for the overpriced AirPort Card, you don't want to play with 3rd party drivers like ralink ones, you are happy with 802.11b (11 mbit) bandwidth, and are willing to tear apart a PC Card in search of a true AirPort Card alternative, check out these links: - Link goes down sometimes - Link goes down sometimes

The great thing about going this route is, your older iMac or iBook will think that you have installed a regular AirPort Card and you not need to install any third party software, as the builtin AirPort software works just fine. You can score an Orinoco Wavelan Silver PC card for about $35.00 on eBay. Current prices for a (Lucent Wavelan Silver PC Card) are a few dollars plus shipping.

If anyone finds a working page, send us a link and I will post it here.
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